Optipro AU

Optipro is unlike any other marketing and buying group in Australia because:

  • We allow optical professional's to remain independent
  • We do not control the administration, marketing, or accounts of any member
  • Our members retain their own brand name and co-brand with Optipro
  • Members are able to benefit from our preferred supplier offers but are entirely free to purchase from any other supplier
  • Members can purchase the quantity of product they need, when they need them
  • Members are free to join any other marketing and buying group
  • Members are invited but not obliged to participate in Optipro branded marketing campaigns and to take advantage of Optipro branded corporate uniforms and stationery
  • Members are invited to join other optical independents in their geographical area to plan and implement local marketing campaigns
  • There are no further membership or administrative fees

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Optipro is a unique buying and marketing group established to strengthen the competitive position of independent full-scope optical professionals in Australia. We support our members by negotiating discounted prices with key suppliers and accessing sought after brands and product lines that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

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