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Our Privacy Policy is a crucial element of our platform. It describes how we collect, safe keep, manage, release, share, or even purge data provided by our customers – both optometrists and their patients. It also contains vital information about your legal rights, obligations, and possible solutions related to privacy, confidentiality, and personal data management. Please read the contents of this page carefully.

This Privacy Policy Statement was last updated on the 26th of August 2022.

As a general guideline, Optipro adheres to and is bound by the policies stated in the Privacy Act of 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

1. Information Collected by Optipro

A. Information Collected from Patients

A.1. When booking an appointment with an Optometrist, a Patient needs to provide the following:

  1. First Name (required)
  2. Last Name (required)
  3. Phone Number (required)
  4. Email (required)
  5. Postcode (required)
  6. Last eye test (required)
  7. Date of birth (optional)
  8. Message to the optometrist (optional)
  9. Preferred contact method (optional)

A.2. When sending a message to an Optometrist, a Patient needs to provide the following:

  1. First Name (required)
  2. Last Name (required)
  3. Phone Number (optional)
  4. Email (required)
  5. Postcode (required)

A.3. When sending a message to our website, a Patient needs to provide the following:

  1. First Name (required)
  2. Last Name (required)
  3. Email (required)
  4. Phone (optional)
  5. Message (required)

A.4. When sending sharing their feedback through the Website, a Patient needs to provide the following:

  1. First Name (required)
  2. Last Name (required)
  3. Email (required)
  4. Phone (optional)
  5. Reason for visiting the website (required)
  6. If the Customer found what they are looking for from the site (required)
  7. The Customer's rating on their experience using the site (required)

B. Information Collected from Optometrists

To be able to apply for membership with Optipro, an Optometrist needs to provide the following:

  1. First Name (required)
  2. Last Name (required)
  3. Email (required)
  4. Phone (required)
  5. Practice Name (required)
  6. Preferred Contact Time (required)

C. Information Collected from the General Public When Visiting the Website

  1. Each time you visit our website and any of its pages, we collect information about your session(s), how much time you spend on a page, where you go after visiting a page, what actions you make on each page, what referred you to our site, etc.
  2. To give you the best experience, we customise our content according to what is relevant to your location hence, we also collect details about your location namely- IP address, post code, country, state, city, etc.
  3. Cookies and other tracking technologies are also being collected by Optipro to analyse trends, administer the website, track users’ movements around the website, and to gather demographic information about our user base as a whole. You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level, but if you choose to disable cookies, it may limit your use of certain features or functions on the Optipro website.
  4. Transaction details, log records, error messages, hardware and software information, device information, etc are also usage information that we collect.

2. Data Collection Process

Optipro collects information from its users when they use certain features of the website. Information regarding the usage of the website are being collected automatically by accessing the website, regardless of device.

Channels where we may collect information include any but not limited to the following only:

  1. Landing Pages to support our sales and marketing activities
  2. Events
  3. Phone (optional)
  4. Preferred Contact Time (required)

3. How We Use Your Information

The primary reason why we collect information from Patients is for us to facilitate eye test bookings with their preferred Optometrist. Meanwhile, the primary reason why we collect information from Optometrists is for us to process their membership application with us.

We also collect information to enhance your experience, correct errors, anticipate errors or threats and then make the necessary precautionary measures, improve the platform, and come up with additional features. We also monitor the data that we collect from users to prevent potential security threats, stop fraudulent activities, eliminate fraudulent information, detect spamming, abuse, misuse of information, misuse of our services, or any other harmful or malicious activities, so that we get to protect your personal and/or business information.

User information also helps us in making our marketing activities more specific and aligned to your preferences, needs, and wants. We will avoid sending you irrelevant information and other materials outside of their declared communication settings.

4. Sharing of Information

A. Patients

None of your information will be provided to an Optometrist without you making a booking first. Once a booking is made, it will be necessary for us to share your details (except Username and Password) to your chosen Optometrist only. How their practice will ssafe keepand manage your data will not be covered by the Optipro Privacy Policy anymore but by their own Privacy Policies. Please talk to your chosen Optometrist directly for any questions or concerns regarding their own Privacy Policies.

The only instance where Optipro will provide your information to a party outside of the “booking scenario” is when we receive your authorisation.

B. Optometrists

The set of information (except Username and Password) provided by you will be published in your own Practice Profile available for viewing by our customers so that they will have enough reference to consider booking an appointment with you or availing any of your products and services. You are free to share or not to share some of your practice details with us during sign up. These are mainly your contact information, operating hours, and service list.

The only instance where Optipro will provide your information to a party other you’re your profile being published on our site is when we receive your authorisation.

C. Compliance with Law

Optipro may disclose your information to courts, law enforcement groups, government agencies, and/or to their authorised representatives because of the following:

  1. to aid legislation;
  2. to aid a court proceeding;
  3. to aid in a criminal or fraud investigation; or
  4. to adhere to any other cause raised by these mentioned authorities.

5. Miscellaneous

A. Updating Your Profile and Other Related Information

Optometrists can update their information anytime by logging in to their accounts.

B. Protecting Your Login Details

Your Login Details should be treated with utmost confidentiality. Share at your own risk.

Should you need to retrieve your password or username, you will need to undergo a verification process to confirm your ownership on the account.

C. Profile Deactivation

Optipro may deactivate an Optometrist’s account. At this stage, your information stays in our database for the purpose of reactivation only after receiving your consent.

D. Profile and Information Deletion

We will only purge your information from our database through a written consent sent to margaret@optipro.com.au.

For any other information previously shared to other parties, Optipro will not be responsible for the deletion of such information. You may need to get in touch with them directly to request deletion from their own database.

6. Disclaimers

  1. Optipro’s presence online means that it is subject to continuous changes and updates that occur on the internet from time to time.
  2. Computer viruses, computer or device malfunction, or any other issues resulting from accessing files or content from the website is outside our control. While we secure that the entire platform is safe and protected from any malicious files and content, we cannot guarantee the change in the characteristics of files during transmission. Upload and download information at your own risk.
  3. We may modify or update our Privacy Policy at any time without any prior notice. All changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will be communicated to our target markets accordingly.

7. Contact Information

If you have any questions, complaints, or claims with respect to Optipro’s Privacy Policy, you may contact us here or email us directly at margaret@optipro.com.au. Please expect a response from us in 1 to 3 business days.