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At Optipro Australia we firmly believe independent optometrists can provide the very best quality eyecare for our customers. Yet the arrival of global franchises in Australia, who offer discounted products, is making it increasingly difficult for optical independents to survive - let alone increase their profitability.

Optipro will help you to become more competitive while allowing you to maintain your independence. We will provide you with the buying and marketing power that is essential for success in the face of an increasingly competitive and franchise-orientated market.

No more negotiations

By negotiating with leading suppliers of international brands on behalf of your business and many others across Australia, we can deliver greater discounts, greater access to high demand products, and better service than you can achieve on your own. What's more, because we're doing the negotiating on your behalf, you'll save time and frustration on a day-to-day basis.

Brand alignment

But you'll benefit from more than buying power as a member of Optipro Australia. We will provide you with marketing support to help you promote your business in a cost efficient and highly effective way. By co-branding your store with the Optipro brand, you'll gain greater awareness and credibility in the market. As an Optipro member, you will be able to access our Optipro-branded corporate uniforms, stationery and signage, and you'll have a direct link from the Optipro Australia website to your own site. You will also be able to use the templates we create for advertisements and catalogues as the basis for your own marketing communication.

Local marketing groups

As an independent optometrist, you'll be invited to join a local marketing committee of like-minded optical professional's who can work together to develop advertising campaigns and catalogues that appeal to your customers. As a collective group, you'll be able to share in the costs for graphic design, print, and media bookings.

No obligation

While all of these marketing initiatives are available for our members to take advantage of, there is no obligation to participate in any marketing programs. Your only marketing obligation is to co-brand your store with Optipro Australia on your shopfront shell.


We run training programs aimed at helping our independent optometrist group to take advantage of their Optipro Membership, to maximise the advantage that being an independent optometrist provides and to understand bottom line profit management - how you can boost practice profits without reducing the quality of eyecare provided.

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Optipro is a unique buying and marketing group established to strengthen the competitive position of independent full-scope optical professionals in Australia. We support our members by negotiating discounted prices with key suppliers and accessing sought after brands and product lines that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

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