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"I established Optipro Australia to help independent optometrists retain their autonomy in the face of an increasingly competitive and franchise orientated market." George Nasser.
Optipro Australia aims to provide independent optometrists with the following tangible benefits:
+ Greater discounts than have previously been available to you on regularly purchased items (e.g. contact lenses, lenses, frames),
+ Access to high fashion products that are otherwise difficult to source,
+ The freedom to buy the quantities of product you want, from the suppliers you prefer,
+ Opportunities to participate in regional marketing groups to develop shared campaigns that cost effectively target your local area,
+ An alignment with a powerful national brand that gives your business instant credibility in a competitive market,
+ Access to training to help you maximise the opportunities Optipro delivers,
+ Access to branded uniforms, stationery, a web link and brochures,
+ A shop front co-branded with Optipro,
+ Complete autonomy.