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what is Optipro?

Optipro is a unique buying and marketing group established to strengthen the competitive position of independent full-scope optical professionals in Australia. We support our members by negotiating discounted prices with key suppliers and accessing sought after brands and product lines that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
In addition, Optipro Australia provides members with comprehensive marketing support and training that can be accessed according to need. While all of our members are obliged to integrate the Optipro brand with their own name on their shopfront, they are free to choose whether to take advantage of our localised advertising campaigns, product brochures and website links. Our members are able to take advantage of branded corporate uniforms and stationery.

freedom to purchase the brands your customers want

Unlike many buying and marketing groups Optipro will not control the purchases you make. Members are free to purchase the products in the quantities they need, from the suppliers they want to deal with.


There are no annual membership fees for Optipro Members. To become a shareholder member you will be required to purchase 3,000 shares in the group. These shares are fully redeemable should you wish to conclude your membership. To find out more click here.

The Optipro Australia Constitution

The Optipro Australia constitution is designed to ensure that the company's sole purpose is to build a profitable business for members by providing marketing support and sourcing reduced-cost products or services for members to resell.
Optipro Australia will receive a small commission from all purchases of contact lenses, lenses, frames and related products made by members through the Optipro group. Company costs are held to a minimum and our members share in the company profit, making both the discounts negotiated and the Buying Group Commissions received by Optipro a real benefit for all members.
Optipro is only involved in activities that intend to increase our members' profitability.
A full copy of the Constitution is available on request, subject to a confidentiality agreement.