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The Optipro Model
There are two types of Optipro membership: Shareholder Membership and Non-Shareholder Membership.

the shareholder membership

This is exclusively for independent full-scope optometrists who must purchase 3000 shares at a nominal cost of $1 per share to become a member of the Optipro Australia group.There are no further membership fees, however if an Optometrist owns more than one qualifying business, he / she may purchase 3000 shares for each of those businesses. The funds collected from share purchases are held in a trust and shares are fully redeemable should a member choose to cancel his/her membership with the group.

the non-shareholder membership

It is possible to become an Non-Shareholder Member without purchasing any shares. Non-Shareholder Members will receive all of the buying advantages that Shareholder Members enjoy. However they will not receive a distribution of 50% of the company profits.

your Optipro shares will deliver a return

Every year, Shareholder Members will receive an annual dividend based on 50% of Optipro Australia's profits.
The total dividend, to be shared amongst all Optipro Australia Shareholder Members, will be 50% of the profits:
+   25% of the distributable funds will be paid on the basis of the number of shares held.
+   25% of distributable funds will be paid on the basis of the purchases made by a Shareholder Member in that year.


a membership based loyalty group

Members who purchase from Optipro Australia's preferred suppliers will receive discounted pricing and access to high fashion brands as well as products that may otherwise be difficult to source. These purchases will generate a small commission to Optipro Australia. Because 25% of each Shareholder Member's payable dividend is based on their purchases from group-preferred suppliers, the more purchases made, the greater the dividend payment will be.

no limitations

Optipro Australia recognises that each of our members has different product requirements according to their unique customer group. Our members are not compelled to purchase minimal quantities of product from any of our preferred suppliers. Nor are they restricted to purchasing products from our suppliers alone. However, Optipro members will benefit from better prices, greater product access and increased service by using Optipro Australia's preferred supplier group.